Werk Crush Wednesday: Leone Nezi

Happy Hump Day!

This week we chat with Leone Nezi, a Human Rights and Family Law attorney who also runs The Pearls Social Entrepreneurs' Network and is a facilitator at the Pacific Institute.

Tell Us

Your qualifications and any accolades:

LLB (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Facilitator for Investment in Excellence (The Pacific Institute), Director of Precious Pearls Trust and The Pearls Social Entrepreneurs’ Network, Days for Girls International-Country Representative.

Your practice areas:

Family Law and Human Rights Law, with a particular focus on Gender Based Violence (“GBV”) and Menstrual Health Management.

The reaction when people find out you are a lawyer:

"Hmmm which law firm do you work for?" or  "So this is what happened..."

A major move in the last 5 years:

I have made a few major moves, but one of the highlights was working for an organization that focused on GBV. This gave me a greater appreciation of how culture at time fuels GBV and the challenges that come about when one tries to balance culture, law and family.  

The second thing would be focusing on Precious Pearls Trust. The tears, the long hours, uncertainty and mapping out new terrain, despite that, I would not trade the experience for anything. It was and it is still worth it.  

Why you chose to study law:

I knew from a young age that whatever I was going to make a career out of was going to be people centered. It was going to be law or psychology. 

Something you wish you could change about the legal practice:

There seems to be pressure to fit into a predefined framework and if one steps out of that framework, it is not easily embraced. Doing things differently should be welcomed without necessarily undermining the profession nor the ethics.

How do you network:

I network online and some great friendships and networks have been birthed. I also network in comfortable settings such as attending various corporate/professional events. Such settings are ideal as I get to network without the backdrop of someone identifying me as lawyer and having certain expectations regarding my conduct or thought processing.

A beauty staple and closet item you can’t live without: 

Jewellery, bright coloured lipstick and eyeliner!

Describe your werk style: 

I have to wear heels! If I am in a dress I add stockings to the look.

A physical or spiritual practice you have adopted: 

Every evening/morning I read the Bible and pray. I recently signed up for ballet and ballroom dancing. I’m hoping to include that as my part of my physical practice.

What would you say to yourself in the first year of university: 

Being an Attorney or studying further such as Masters are great options but, there are other possibilities, don’t be scared to chart new territory. Always remember that, in the corporate/business/professional world there are no permanent friends especially when going up the ladder.

The best or most worthwhile investment you ever made:

Personal development is something that I have done over the years and will continue doing so as one needs to keep abreast with new findings and developments.

Quote you live your life by:

I am my own person-live unapologetically!!


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