10 Reasons Why Michelle Williams is Winning!

Michelle Williams is the  third member of the trinity that is Destinys Child, the group that set the stage for superstar Beyonce Knowles Carter! In 2002 she joined Destinys Child which was a quartet at the time and later in the same year- became a trio.

She has a background as a gospel musician, even after Destinys Child went on hiatus she continued to release music, including the famed "Say Yes" track!

To this day, as recent as Coachella 2018, Michelle receives the most internet hate, trolling and negativity of the group! While everyone worships the ground Beyonce walks on, and salivates at the chance of drinking Kelly Rowlands bath water -- today we explore 10 reasons why Michelle is winning and the haters can go to the left.

1. Michelle has ABS!

She has a petite physique and a great toned tummy which she has kept over the almost 20 year career!

2. She Is Engaged

Michelle recently got engaged to her Pastor beau Chad Johnson after meeting him at a Christian retreat in March 2017. She has publicly spoken about her previous relationships where there was infidelity and verbal abuse. Its great to see that at 37 she gets her happy ending with a good, Godly man!

3. She is getting Paid

She is not struggling financially at all! She has multiple streams of income from singing, theater acting, presenting- including hosting  Preachers of LA reunion specials and her home ware line Believe by Michelle Williams.

4. She is Talented. 

She has an incredible voice! Whenever my friends and I have a random karaoke night in my apartment, I always choose to sing Michelle's parts in DC songs. Matthew Knowles was not going to keep her in the group if she couldn't serve those vocals, so you must respect that she earned her spot there.

5. She is Living Her Purpose

A lot of people struggle and search to find their purpose for existing. They hop from career to career looking for what really makes them happy. Not only is Michelle getting paid from all the work she is busy with, she excels at it too. She has her DC accolades, she has sang for the Obamas in the White House..twice! Her album Heart to Yours was the top gospel album of 2002, she also released a pop album in 2008 with internationally acclaimed hits like The Greatest and We Break The Dawn. She has won a Stellar Award for the "Say yes" video and also received NAACP nominations for her acting.

6. She is Resilient

She is a tough cookie! She is constantly the butt of jokes, because of her small frame compared to her curvy colleagues in DC. The hate comes from trolls and even other celebrities, but she remains graceful and rarely claps back. She takes the high road, it is less crowded up there!

7. She has Access

Michelle has access to Beyonce and her world. She can Facetime with Bey, play with Blue, Sir and Rumi. She can share stages with Bey, have Bey join her in performances and in her videos. They have mastered their friendship and sisterhood which has spanned 18 years.

8. She has a Life

Unlike Bey, Michelle is not a victim of her success. She can have a fairly normal life, where she is famous enough without it being an event or circus when she is spotted. Beyonce is Beyonce and must deal with the privileges and pressures that comes with, whereas Michelle has access but not the burden of the blessings.

9. Her Name will be Immortalised

Through DC, she will be remembered and celebrated with legendary music groups like The Temptations, Nysnc, the Beatles, the Supremes, Earth, Wind and Fire, Kool and The Gang and many more.

10. She Can Be Mistaken For The White Michelle Williams

She receive gifts and invitations intended for the white Michelle Williams by accident- then the organisers are too shy to uninvite her!

Overall, Michelle has a great life and she is living her best, blessed life! Rather than find reasons to hate on her, learn from her success rather than revealing the misery of your existence!


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