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5 Reasons Lawyers Are Great Entrepreneurs

*Originally published in the Huffington Post on 5/02/2018

What do Patrice Motsepe, Peter Thiel, Herb Kelleher and Cyril Ramaphosa have in common? They are all billionaires – and also have law degrees! I looked into the advantage a background in law can give one as an entrepreneur, as these billionaire law graduates currently operate in various fields – from ICT and mining to the airline industry. This list of billionaires should show that a law degree isn't for people who are bad at maths. In South Africa, the Bachelor of Laws is a four-year degree, then an additional two years is spent in articles, along with board exams to become an admitted attorney. This is a six-year road – if you do a straight LLB in the allocated time. Therefore it is very encouraging to note that there are other options in which you can apply the skills, apart from legal practice. Here are the five skills lawyers have that entrepreneurs need: 1. Analytical and sequential thinking As a first-year law student…

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