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5 Ways Take Control of Your Salary Increase Negotiations

A recent discussion between Hollywood actresses Gabrielle Union, Ellen Pompeo, Gina Rodriguez and Emma Roberts on Net-a-Porter's platform showed the inequality in pay between men and women, and also between women of different races. 

It is well documented that Ellen Pompeo earns at least $20 million a year for her work in Greys Anatomy, making her one of the highest paid TV actresses. In the conversation she said her negotiation was based on the value that her "face" has brought the show for over 12 years. The show has made a revenue of almost $3.2 billion since it started and she wanted a part of that. 

Gabrielle Union explained that she was not aware how much white actresses were not only asking for- but also receiving, and that it had never occurred to her to ask for those kind of figures because Hollywood discourages the discussion of salaries. Rodriguez added that a woman of latino decent, she was simply happy to be in the room, so she wouldn't want to seem ungrat…

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