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The Legal Werk Brunch: Recap

The Concept:
After conducting the Werk Crush Wednesday interviews I realised that women did not have a plan around how to network intentionally. In the legal profession, women of colour have challenges with finding clients and building big practices, and without networking platforms- its going to remain difficult. I decided that I wanted to create an event to promote networking and to allow for natural mentorship to occur, as legal professionals.  This led to the birth of The Legal Werk Brunch!
The Speakers

Our speakers were incredible, from the Legal Advisor of the President of the Republic of South Africa- Advocate Nokukhanya Jele sharing us about her work, style and journey. We also had Akunna Onwu and Vennduke Chigumba sharing about the value of coaching and creating a personal brand respectively. It was important for the speakers to highlight how lawyers can be autonomous and create their own brand while being part of a large firm and in the larger legal industry.

All our speakers…

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