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10 Careers Beyond The Law Firm

A few weeks ago, @Mochievous, a lawyer and fountain of twitter wisdom shared a number of career options for lawyers who feel stuck in law firms. In my experience, when we are in university we were only exposed to the traditional careers for law graduates, such as practising in a law firm or working bank or becoming an advocate. I only found out about the option of legal entrepreneurship and running a legal consultancy after I was admitted as an attorney. 

There is a misconception that lawyers are stuck in a certain practice area and can only work in the jurisdiction they have been admitted into. Here are options to get you to look at your law degree with new, excited eyes!

1. Risk Management

This is really the bedrock of corporate legal practice. If you are interested in this area, there are many affordable professional certifications you can do. Do the exams, then use it as leverage to negotiate higher pay or better still, move to another industry.

Getting an additional qualification wil…

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